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International Air Tattoo Cottesmore

The largest air show on earth as the Royal International Air Tattoo is called was held for the second (and last) time at RAF Cottesmore in Rutland. We visited the show on Sunday 29th and Monday 30th of July. The show was not quite as interesting as other years but still attrackted some 350 aircraft of many countries.

A large Italian contigent was shown with special interest for the two NH500E helicopters. There were two Turkisch F16's (940108 and 941560) , three Finnisch F18C's (HN409, 419, 420), an South African C130E (408). The Maltese Defence Force send an Islander (AS9516) and Bulldog (AS0022).

Some very interesting aircraft were the former Swiss AF Hunters, one (J4040) in special colors (as 'J4015'). The USAF was present with many aircraft. The T43 an C22B were very nice! Some spectators were blown away during the take off of the B1B for its display on Saterday causing some injuries!

Almost all the aircraft left on Monday. The weather on both days was not to bad. We had some clouds but the sun was dominant!

All photo's:
H.P.A.M. van Eupen
Place: Cottesmore, UK
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