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Spottersday at Kleine-Brogel

On Tuesday October 24th 2000, a tradition was started after the 1999 Spottersday at Kleine-Brogel.
10 wing OCU organised again a 'trainers-meet' at Kleine-Brogel, during a rotation with Italian TF-104's.
See the description and the list of participants.

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This year the participants flew in a small COMAO over Germany. Highlight were the F-14's from the USS George Washington, altough they didn't fly that day.
Some 3000 spotters were able to photograph these nice aircraft.

New participants were the US Navy F-14's and the Spanish Mirage F-1's.

Old participants like the Mirage 4 and the F-4F's showed up. And the withdrawn Crusaders were replaced by Etendards.

The organisation was good. The aircraft were good. Only the weather might have been better.
Next year the Spottersday will be combined in June 2001 with the Tiger Meet at Kleine-Brogel.
Thanks to Bafpress (capt. DOBBELAERE and adj. DEWAEL) and 10 Wing OCU.
Visit the website of OCU unit.
Within a few weeks, more photo's from the F-14's will be available.


The list of participants:
Italian participants
Belgium participants
German participants
French participants
Spanish participants
English participants
Portugese participants
American participants

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