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At Grosseto, there are some 15 operational F-104's and TF-104's in sun-dispersals, in the hangar and on the flightline. Before the maintenance hanger on the other side of the runway there are several semi-operational and wfu (T)F-104's.
End of this year the first Eurofighter will be delivered to Grosseto, for an operational test program. To host the Eurofighter, extensive maintenance is performed on flightlines, platforms and taxiways. Landed Starfighters need to do a backtrack on the runway because of the taxiway maintenance.

The F-104's from Cervia, Grazzanise and Trappani will go to Grosseto near the end of 2002. And the F-16 will be introduced to these 3 bases. All Italian airworthy (T)F-104's will then be located at Grosseto were the last operational (T)F-104 flight is planned for October 2003. Despite the dawn of the Starfighter era, student F-104 pilots still get their training on the TF-104's

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G.J.A. van Boven
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Grosseto 20020610

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Ground or shelters

Grosseto has always armed 2 F-104's on QRA in sun-dispersals.
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Thanks to Col. Gagliano and Col. Agrusti of the Ufficio Stampa of the Aeronautica Militare Italiana . And Ten. DellaVolpe and Ten. Lovisa of the Grosseto airbase.
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