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Belgium Heli-Day’s 2005

After an absence of a year the Belgium Heli-Day’s were back on the calender for June 4th/5th. Bierset offers a good opportunity to see all kind of military and civil helicopters. Organised by the heli-wing of Belgium Army this year was no exception. Among others there were a OH58 and AB212 of the Austrian Air Force, a special tiger Mi35 of the Chech Air Force, several French and German helicopters. The display showed a Chinook and Merlin of the RAF. Star of the display was the Dutch AH64D Apache with his flares. Highlight of the static was a Irish Dauphin. As Bierset has a history of hosting Mirage jets during the seventies and eighties it was good to see two Mirage 2000 fighters back on the concrete. Also the flyby’s of four Belgian F16’s was a memory of those days. A good show which hopefully will be back next year!

All photo's:
H.P.A.M van Eupen
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A publication of the Helidays is in AIREVIEW 2006-01.
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