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OPEVAL Eindhoven

Leeuwarden F-16s at Eindhoven airbase

During the last week of November 2012, 9 F-16s from Leeuwarden airbase, operated from Eindhoven airbase in the Netherlands (ICAO code EHEH). A year from now, in November 2013, assessors will perform the Capability Evaluation (CAPEVAL), to verify if the Leeuwarden F-16s can pass the qualification, a qualification that each Main Operating F-16 Base (MOB) has to pass every 3 year. It will test the capability to send out a detachment F-16s to an airbase abroad and to operate from that airbase for a while.

All photo's:
G.J.A. van Boven
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The deployment of the F-16s to Eindhoven in November, was the first in a set of planned deployments to Eindhoven airbase in 2012/2013. Eindhoven airbase was selected because it is the regular diversion field for Dutch F-16s based at Leeuwarden and Volkel. A deployment to Volkel airbase was not an option, because that base already has all the equipment and support for F-16s. By selecting Eindhoven, the planners had to be sure that all needed equipment, personnel and material had to be transported from Leeuwarden. And the deployments within the Netherlands are less expensive than deployments abroad.....

The aircraft arrived on Monday and left on Friday, flying several missions during the day and during the evening. The roar of the afterburners at night, increased the number of noise-complaints for Eindhoven airbase.
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