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Meeting Nationale Reims, France

On June 24th the French Air Force held one of their open houses at Reims AB in northern France to show of their collection of Mirgae F1. Three versions are stationed here: the F1B trainer, the F1C fighter and F1CR reconnaicance version. The show was opened by a fly past of 6 Mirage F1CR's.

Later on two F1Cs, one in a very nice desert camouflage performed also along with Mirage 2000 of EC5, a pair of Jaguar E's of EC7 an Alphajet of EC8, a F16 of the Belgian Air Force, Tornado F3 of the RAF and a PC7 of the Netherlands AF. On the ground were al Mirage versions of the French AF and a few foreign visitors.

Unfortunatly the promised E2C of the French Navy didn't show up. They send a Super Etendard

All photo's:
H.P.A.M. van Eupen
Place: Reims, France
Date: 20010624
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