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Scramble publications

Scramble is a monthly publication by the Dutch Aviation Society (ISSN 0927-3417).
It has it's own site at: Scramble
In the Scramble magazine a number of photo's were published.

Scramble May 1998, issue number 228

Three photo's were published: a KC-135, a Let-410 and a Learjet. These photo's can be seen on this Sentry site at Geilenkirchen KC-135 and Geilenkirchen AFCENT .
Scramble May 1998
Scramble May 1998
Slovenean Learjet
Letvian L-410

Scramble September 1998, issue number 232

One photo was published: a French Jaguar. This photo can be seen on this Sentry site at Norvenich
Scramble September 1998
Scramble September 1998


Scramble July 1999, issue number 242

One photo was published: a French F-8 Crusader. This photo can be seen on this Sentry site at Kleine-Brogel
Scramble July 1999 Crusader

Scramble July 1999

Scramble October 2000, issue number 258

2 photo were published: a Polish Sukhoi 22 at Karup and an C-135.
Scramble July 1999 Sukhoi Open Skies C-135

Scramble October 2000

Scramble May 2001, issue number 264

1 photo was published: a US Navy EA-6B at Florennes.
Scramble May 2001 EA-6B

Scramble May 2001

Scramble June 2001, issue number 265

1 photo was published: a MS760 Paris at Colmar, France.
Scramble June 2001 Paris

Scramble June 2001

Scramble July 2001, issue number 266

1 photo was published: a KC-10 at Eindhoven.
Scramble July 2001 KC-10

Scramble July 2001

Scramble November 2001, issue number 270

2 photo were published: a C160 Gabriel and F-1C at EMS 2001
ScrambleNovember 2001 Mirage F-1 C-160 Gabriel

Scramble November 2001

Scramble Januari 2002, issue number 272

1 photo and a tripreport were published: a TBM 700TBM700 at EMS 2001
Scramble Januari 2002 TBM 700 Trip eport page 1/2 Trip eport page 2/2

Scramble Januari 2002

Scramble March 2002, issue number 274

1 photo was published: a Mirage 2000 at EMS 2001
Scramble March 2002 Mirage 2000

Scramble Januari 2002

Scramble Juli 2002, issue number 278

1 Mexican Air Force and Italian Air Force photo's (G222 C-130J)
Scramble Juli 2002 Mexican AF Italian AF G.222 Italian AF C-130J

Scramble Juli 2002

Scramble September 2002, issue number 280

A number of photo's from the (trip to the USS John F. Kennedy )
Scramble September 2002
S-3 before launch
Trapped F-14
Tail of Red Ripper 00
Enduring Freedom Badge
Tomcat with speed over Mach 1
US Navy C-26

Scramble Juli 2002

Scramble Januari 2003, issue number 284

Austrian Skyvan at Eindhoven.
Scramble Januari 2003 Austrian AF Skyvan

Scramble Januari 2003

Scramble November 2003, issue number 294

Nato Air Meet 2003 at Poznan.
Scramble November 2003 NAM 2003

The report of this event can be seen here.
Scramble November 2003

Scramble Februari 2004, issue number 297

Photo of crashed French CN-235 nr 043.
Scramble Februari 2004 CN235-043-FRAF

Scramble Februari 2004

Scramble October 2004, issue number 305

Photo of French C-130 in take-off from Orleans during EMS 2004.
Scramble October 2004 C-130 FRAF

Scramble October 2004

Scramble November 2004, issue number 306

Photo of crashed German A310 and cargo dropping German C160, both from EMS 2004.
Scramble November 2004 A310 GEAF A310 C160

Scramble November 2004
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