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Trip reports in 2013

Wintery photos at Eindhoven
Departure of Dutch Patriot mission
Last A-10s at Pampa Range
Winter misson at GLV-5
Switserland-Meiringen 1
Switserland-Meiringen 2
Apache in sunset
Frisan Flag
Depature A-10s from Spangdahlem
DC-10 with relief goods
Salon de Paris
100 years of Klu at Volkel
Last German F-4s
Melsbroek Open Door
Sanicole Air Show
Leeuwarden F-16s at Eindhoven
3 digital KDC-10s
Last bombing campaign of Mirage F1s at BA Cazaux
Serpentex exercise at BA Solenzara

Trip reports in 2012

Stich Klu F-16 demo pilot
Klu Change of Command
Ramstein 2012
Frisian Flag 2012
E-3 AWACS flight (Frisian Flag)
Active Trip Belgium
Landmacht Open Dagen Oirschot
Geilenkirchen Open Day
Joint Medical Modules Woensdrecht
Florennes Open Day
Sanicole Evening Show
Gilze-Rijen spottersday
End of the Dutch Lynx
Neu-Neu 70 years
Peregrine Sword 2012
MarketGarden 2012
GreenBlade 2012
New Dutch CH-47F
CJPRSC Holzdorf
US Navy C-40
Wolfking exercise
All 4 C-130s at Eindhoven AB
OPEVAL Eindhoven
Nightphotos at Eindhoven AB
GLV-5 in the snow
336 squadron change
UH-60 at night in GLV-5
Various aircraft at Eindhoven AB

Trip reports in 2011

Spottersday at Eindhoven (Algerian C-130s)
Klu C-130 returning from camp Mirage
French C-130 at Eindhoven
Le Bourget 2011
Brilliant Ardent exercise at Wittmund
Belgium Open Day at Koksijde
RIAT 2011
Embarkment to the USS Bush (CVN-77)
MarketGarden memorial, onboard USAFE C-130
Klu OpenDay at Leeuwarden
Base visit to Cambrai
Autumn Falcon exercise at Assen circuit
Last visit to Reims, before close-down
Visit to GLV-5
Mediaday fro DC-10 T255
Arrivals for St Dizier Open Day
TigerMeet at Cambrai
Delivery flight of Dutch F-16s to Chile
Last flight of MartinAir at Eindhoven
USAF E-4 at Brussels

Trip reports in 2010

Choppers in the snow (GLV5)
Visit to AOCS Nieuw-Milligen
Basevisit to Woensdrecht
Beauvechain airshow
US Navy C-26 at Eindhoven
ELITE 2010
Garuda IV
Official arrival of 1st short C-130 at Eindhoven
Frisian Flag 2010, Leeuwarden
Gilze-Rijen 100 years (the slopes, March)
100 ans Aeronaval, Hyeres
Arrival of 2nd short C-130 at Eindhoven
MarketGarden and Jan Hilgers show
Hoogvliegers at Schiphol
Hoogvliegers at Eindhoven
AAR flight in a KDC-10
Open Day Klu at Gilze-Rijen
RIAT 2010
Savigny-Les Beaunes museum
Short visit to Volkel
The slopes (Gilze-Rijen, August)
The slopes (Gilze-Rijen, October)
HWIC and gunnery 2010
TigerMeet 2010 at Volkel
Baptizing of the 2 dutch short C-130s
Last Fokker-60's for Peru
Christmas lights on Boeing 747 at Aviodrome

Trip reports in 2009

C-130 departure for Mirage
Deployed Falcon at Beauvechain
TLP 2009-1, Florennes
Bambi-bucket at Bergse Maas
Visit to Nancy
Visit to Dijon
Crazy Trip int he north of the Netherlands
SAR-meet at Leeuwarden
Koksijde airshow
Market-Garden memorial at Eindhoven
Exercise Green Shield at Dijon
Phoenix Challenge at De Peel
RIAT 2009
NATO C-17 at Eindhoven
Visit to Cervia
Former Dutch F-16 for Jordan
Orange demo F-16 of the Klu
Open Day Klu at Volkel
TLP 2009-3, Florennes
Nightflying at Volkel
Tiger Meet at Kleine-Brogel
Goodbye to Sheik
Frisian Flag 2009
Salon du Bourget 2009

Trip reports in 2008

Frisian Flag 2008
Spring Flag 2008
TLP 2008-3, Florennes
Open Day Klu at Leeuwarden
Tiger Meet at Landivisiau
DHC ceremony at Gilze-Rijen
Meeting National at Avord
Visit to Avord
Nightflying helicopters at Gilze-Rijen
Former Belgium F-16s for Jordan
Noble Ardent at Solenzara
Closure of Soesterberg
ELITE 2008 at Lechfeld (Germany)
HWIC at Bergen-Hohne
PCTAM at Reims and Mourmelon

Trip reports in 2007

Antonov-124 at Gilze-Rijen
Ramstein on a Sunny Sunday
Swedish Gripens at Reims
Open Day Geilenkirchen, NATO/AWACS
Open Day Klu Volkel (Netherlands)
Salon du Bourget 2007
ELITE 2007 at Lechfeld (Germany)
Meeting National et Evreux (France)
Morningflying F-16s at Eindhoven, OPEVAL 2007 [1]
Afternoonflying F-16s at Eindhoven, OPEVAL 2007 [2]
Nightflying F-16s at Eindhoven, OPEVAL 2007 [3]
Nightflying helicopters at Gilze-Rijen
Présentation Commune Air-Terre at Reims
336 squadron at Eindhoven
Visit to Reims
Gunnery at Bergen-Hohne
Former dutch F-16s for Chili
Visit to Eindhoven
IOE at Kleine-Brogel
French gunnery exercise at Pau
Miscellaneous photos from 2007

Trip reports in 2006

Viggen at Aviodrome
Last cat standing (last F-14 Tomcats, USS Roosevelt)
'Principe de Asturias' in Amsterdam
ELITE 2006 at Lechfeld (Germany)
EMS 2006, Orleans and Chateadun
Visit to Charles de Gaulle
Open Dag Luchtmacht Leeuwarden, 20060616
Meeting National Cambrai (France), 200600702

Trip reports in 2005

Due to some technical problems (as 2 very inconvenient hard-disc crashes and server capacity problems) some reports need to be rescanned from the negatives. This will be done in the near future.
ELITE 2005 at Lechfeld (Germany), 20050601
Indian SU-30's at Istres (France), 20050627
Visit to Monte-Real and Beja (Portugal), 20050713/20050714
F-16 TDPU at Florennes (Belgium) 20050714
Kleine Brogel CAMAO (Belgium) 20050719
Beauvechain Trainer Meet (Belgium) 20050915
Frisian Flag 2005 Leeuwarden (the Netherlands) 20050928
EMS 2005 Orleans (France) 20050922
Belgium helidays Liege (Belgium), 20050605
Salon de Paris, Le Bourget (France), 20050618
International Air Tattoo 2005 Fairford (UK), 20050717
Meeting National Luxeuil (France), 20050521
Gilze-Rijen Open Dag (the Netherlands), 20050617
TLP 2005-5

Trip reports in 2004

AH-64 for Afghanistan (Gilze_Rijen), 20040329
Spring Falcon 2004, Regte Heide (the Netherlands), 20040414
Visit to Nordhorn range (Germany), 20040520
Jaguar Meeting St Dizier, 20040923
E-4 at Eindhoven (Netherlands), 20040606
25 year F-16 Kleine-Brogel, 20040720
Clean Hunter 2004 (Karup, Landsberg), 20040620
Base visit (Aviano), 20040821
Tiger Meet Schleswig-Jagel (Germany), 20040903
EMS 2004 Orleans (France), 20040916
Singapore F-16's at Dijon (France), 20040923
Last italian (red) F-104 at Kleine_Brogel, 20041027
Trainer Meet 2004 Beauvechain (Belgium), 20040630
Open Day Klu Volkel (Netherlands), 20040618
Open Door Koksijde (Belgium), 20040704
Meeting National Reims (France), 20040704
RIAT 2004 (United Kingdom), 20040718
Open Door Payerne (Switserland), 200408

Trip reports in 2003

B-52 at Fairford (UK), 20030412
Tiger Meet 2003 at Cambrai (France), 20030606
AAR flight with CC-130, Clean Hunter (Denmark), 20030625
Recce Meet, Florennes, (Belgium), 20030729
Nato Air Meet, Poznan (Poland), 20030915
HeliMeet 2003 at Bierset (Belgium), 20030601

Trip reports in 2002

EACC at Eindhoven, 20020228
Flight with AMI B707 from Eindhoven, 20020502
Visit to Pratica di Mare (Italy), 20020605
Visit to Pisa (Italy), 20020610
Visit to Grosseto (Italy), 20020610
Commemorative Day at Cambrai (France), 20020628
Firefighters in action (France), 20020727
Vist to USS Kennedy (CV-67), 20020802
EMS 2002, Orleans/Cazaux (France), 20020918/20020919
Cooperative Key, St Dizier (France), 20020926
Frisian Flag, Leeuwarden/Twenthe (Netherlands), 20021013
Lions Meet, Kleine-Brogel (Belgium), 200207..
Recce Meet, Florennes (Belgium), 200207..
30 year C-130 jubilee, Melsbroek (Belgium), 20020929
Defense days, Beauvechain (Belgium), 20020901
HeliMeet 2002 at Bierset (Belgium), 20020601
Meeting National at Nancy (France), 20020623
Meeting National at Colmar (France), 20020630
Open Dag at Gilze-Rijen (the Netherlands), 20020705
Belgian Air Force show at Koksijde (Belgium), 20020705
Belgian Air Force show at Melsbroek (Belgium), 20020929
TLP 2002-2
TLP 2002-3
TLP 2002-4
TLP 2002-5
TLP 2002-6

Trip reports in 2001

Pampa Range Helchteren (Belgium), 20010109
Greek F-16's at Eindhoven (the Netherlands), 20010305
ODAX 2001 at Nancy and Colmar (France), 20010425
Tornado Farewell at Bruggen (Germany), 20010503
Visit to several bases in the USA , 200105..
USAF KC-10 at Eindhoven (the Netherlands), 20010508
Tiger Meet at Kleine-Brogel (Belgium), 20010619
Clean Hunter 2001 at Geilenkirchen (Germany), 20010628
Flight with AMI B707 from Geilenkirchen (Germany), 20010628
EMS 2001 Orleans and Cazaux (France), 20010919/20010920
Frisian Flag 2001 at Leeuwarden (the Netherlands), 20011019
The Le Bourget show at Paris (France), 20010616
Belgian Air Force Helimeet at Bierset (Belgium), 20010603
French Air Force show at Reims (France), 20010624
Dutch Air Force show at Leeuwarden (the Netherlands), 20010705
Belgian Air Force show at Koksijde (Belgium), 20010706
International Air Tattoo at Cottesmore (UK), 20010729
Belgian Air Force show at Florennes (Belgium), 20010902
German Air Force show at Rheine-Hopsten (Germany), 20010908

Miscellaneous aircraft photographed this year

Older tripreports have been reduced to 4, 8 or 12 photo's. To save discspace

Trip reports in 2000

Leonardo da Vinci air show at Gilze-Rijen (the Netherlands), 20000511
320sq 50 years party at Valkenburg (the Netherlands), 20000529
President Clinton at Geilenkirchen (Germany), 20000602
F-15 during Clean Hunter at Norvenich (Germany), 20000616
F-16 at Florennes (Belgium), 20000627
NAM 2000 at Karup (Denmark), 20000831
Frisian Flag 2000 Leeuwarden, 20000911
Greek F-16 at Volkel, 20001013, 20001017
Special photoday 2000 at Kleine-Brogel, 20001024
Rescue Mania at 's Gravenzande (the Netherlands) 20000527
Helicopter Meet at Bierset (Belgium), 20000603
The Meeting National at St Dizier (France), 20000618
Cultural Fest at Geilenkirchen (Germany), 20000624
World Air Power at Zeltweg (Austria), 20000630
Belgium Air Force show at Koksijde (Belgium), 20000708
Dutch Air Force show at Volkel (the Netherlands), 20000901
TLP 2000-1
TLP 2000-2
TLP 2000-3
TLP 2000-4 (Media Day)
TLP 2000-5
TLP 2000-6

Trip reports in 1999

F-15 Farewell ceremony on Spangdahlem, attended by Tiger pilots.
Rhein-Main 19990418 (during the Kosovo crises)
Rhein-Main 19990516 (during the Kosovo crises)
Ramstein 19990430 (during the Kosovo crises)
F-8 Crusaders at Kleine-Brogel, Belgium
The solar eclipe at Ramstein
Slovak Mig-29's at Leeuwarden
Frisian Flag 1999 at Leeuwarden
Special photoday '99 at Kleine-Brogel
The Le Bourget show at Paris, France. 13/21 June 1999
The show at Koksijde, Belgium. 3/4 July 1999
The show at Beauvechain, Belgium. 3/4 September 1999
The show at Stans Switserland. 22 October 1999
TLP 1999-3
TLP 1999-4

Trip reports in 1998

KDC-10 flight above the Waddenzee in the Netherlands.
Musee Europeen de l'Aviation de Chasse in Montelimar, France
KC-135 flight above northern Germany.
New Jersey ANG KC-135's at Geilenkirchen
Visitors for AFCENT change in command at nearby Brunssum(Geilenkirchen)
Photo day at Eindhoven June 27 1998
At Norvenich JaBoG 31 and JaBoG 33 Tornado's, July 21 1998
Cambrai (France), May 17 1998.
Geilenkirchen (Germany), June 27-28 1998.
Norvenich (Germany), October 04 1998.

Old trip reports

Flying with an Alouette from Dubendorf, 1987
Visit to the QRA at Ramstein, 1986

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